GHC Summit # 002

Date 03/16/2016 Time 19:00 → 21:00 Address Minato-ku, Tōkyō-to, Japan

Event Description

Japan is known to be very unique work environment from international people’s point of view. What is normal in Japan is not normal in global standard. However, from Japanese people’s perspective, since Japan has been maintaining this beautiful culture, we tend to feel like “When in Rome, do as the Romans do”.  So what is the middle point that we can create?

GHC Summit (formerly “Catalyst for Japan”) is a series of workshops aiming at bringing together the Japanese private sector and foreign students (for them also to think about future career opportunities) so as to engage in a sincere and open discussion, departing from a real work-related case, towards common understanding for the sake of Japan’s increasing internationalization and absorption of global talent. This time the content-title is “Working in a Multicultural Environment: Work life balance”.

 It is important that we learn the nuances in various Japanese workplace settings, be it management style or relationship with Japanese co-employees, so as to calibrate the best way to contribute.

Our session is very unique and it takes interactive format. The event is open to 20 Japanese professionals and 20 international students and they will be discussing about the story that is based on real case scenario. Through these interactive discussions, both global talents and Japanese professionals try to find the point where they can create new and truly global (aligning in Japanese context) work environment. 

 Door opens: 18:45

 The 2-hour workshop will consist of the following:


  1. 1) Agenda of the event (19:00-19:05)

  2. 2) Introduction of the real case (19:05-19:20): Why do Japanese companies do not respect the core working hours?” How one Asian student questioned it and changed its work habit in his work place

  3. 3) Group discussion (19:20-20:20): groups, consisting of students and Japanese professionals, will be set, to brainstorm ideas, followed by

  4. 4) Presentation by a HR expert (20:20-20:30)

  5. 5) Wrapping up and final words (20:30-20:35)

  6. 6) Closing (20:35)

  7. 7) Networking (20:35-21:00): this last part will give students the opportunity to develop their network in order to improve job opportunities in the future, by directly appealing their talent and skills to the Japanese business-side participants]


 *You can see the promotion video from our last session from below:


■Language English

■Dress Code Casual, Business Casual, Business all OK

■Fee Free



Those who are considering about working in Japan

We will prioritize those who are in the first year of Graduate school or third or second year in their bachelor degree

  • Best fit for those with the below questions:

“Japanese companies are so rigid… There is no flexibility…”

“As a foreigner, I have to compromise many things and I am not feeling confident about it…”

“Can I actually work in Japanese work environment?”