Community Development of Nihonbashi: brainstorming session for Mitsui Fudosan (Japan’s biggest real estate agency)

Date 04/06/2015 Time 18:00 → 20:30 Address Chūō-ku, Tōkyō-to, Japan

Event Description

Mitsui Fudosan is one of the Japanese largest real estate agency group. Their works are seen in many major places such as Tokyo Mid-town in Roppongi, Mitsui Outlet Partk, Coredo Nihonbashi. Tokyo Disney Resort is also one of its business.


One of their work includes community development in Nihonbashi, where HQ of Mitsui Fudosan is located at. Mitsui Fudosan has been implementing a lot of projects to make the town more attractive place not only for Japanese people but also for many foreign people.


During this session, you will be working with employees from Mitsui Fudosan to come up with new business strategy on possible projects to be implemented for community development of Nihonbashi.


■Date:  Monday April 6th

■Time schedule:

17:45 Door open

18:00 Session starts

20:00 Session ends

20:00 Networking


■  Venue: Nihonbashi  


■Prior to the session: Please make sure to be familiar with Nihonbashi area and make one minute presentation about your idea


■ During the session: You are expected to work in brainstorming session and also making short presentation about your idea


■  Language of the session:

Japanese-During the brainstorming session

English-Short presentation “Your original idea of Community Development of Nihonbashi”


■Dress Code: Smart casual (No need for ‘shukatsu’ fashion)

This is great opportunity for you to get to know about the company as you will be working on the session together with Mitsui Fudosan employees. You can also share your full potentials of how creative and innovative you are by working on the brainstorming session. You also have time for the short presentation which you can also share your presentation skills.



・Business level Japanese (Able to communicate with Japanese clients in Japanese. All the internal meetings will be in Japanese)

・Business level English (Able to attend the VIP from abroad, give professional presentation in international settings)

・Interest in Nihonbashi

・  Interest in community building/development

・  Interest in working for Mitsui Fudosan Nihonbashi project (Potential position: Program Manager   )


Best fit for those who

・  Can take initiative on their own and be Active Connector

・  Are flexible, can come up with solutions whenever there is problem or some new tasks to solve

・  Have good imagination skills

・  Have great team work

・  Can think about how Nihonbashi can become more global town