January 2, 2014

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Meet CTOs and CEOs from IT venture firms

We had 6th inspiring talk event combined with the collaboration with Co-Edo Co-working space located in Kayabacho, Tokyo. As Co-Edo co-working space is becoming one of the web programmers’ hubs, this time, we invited three IT companies and one individual who is about to launch his own start up.


We held Engineer and Designer meet up on February 25th, where we invited 15 selected Engineer students and four company executives. The purpose of the meet up is to help companies and the students find the best match potential team mate/place to work.

Companies we invited are nanapi, Urulu, Tribe Univ and Vesper. The size and history of the companies vary and such range of companies are one of the attractive points about the meet up.





Presentation time ‘Pitching’!

The session was started with casual networking amongst participants followed by each company five-minute presentation. Although it is very rare for the companies to make a presentation in English, they made a special presentation in English for the students. 1011066_675632302479148_183516105_n

Many of the students have not been very familiar with the companies, but after the presentation, which not only showed the attractive points about their service but also the presenters’ unique personality, the students started to be interested in them.

After the companies’ presentation, each student made one minute presentation about themselves. This time, Co-Edo shared the tips with the students what kind of information is considered valuable from IT companies’ perspective. The companies were all surprised with the students’ special skills.



Interact, get to know more, promote yourself more

After the presentation by the companies and the students, the venue was open for casual meet up. Students went actively to the companies where they were interested in knowing more, and so did the companies. We see a group of students gathered around one company.

Many shared their passion and interest directly with the companies. It was great opportunity for them to ask further questions as well as to share more about themselves which they could not express enough in one minute pitching.

The meet up was good opportunity for the students to get to know the companies that they will not know otherwise. Also for the companies, they did not have clear idea of how much international students can offer to their companies. Through this event, we see that good match is happening here and there.

We hope to organize the similar kind of event in the future and promote the value that ‘Diversity is the foundation of Innovation’.


Co-Edo Co-wroking space

Website: http://www.coworking.tokyo.jp

Co-Edo differentiates itself as Engineer focus share working space. It is run by experienced engineers and majority of the members are engineers/web programmers.

They regularly organize study group/seminar and programmers related meet up. Co-Edo is a community where the people not only share the space but also the ideas.