September 10, 2013

On Friday, September 6, Asami Matsumoto, CEO of Active Connector, participated as one of the facilitators for the online (live stream) discussion for #7 of Davos Experience in Tokyo Series. Davos Experience in Tokyo was started in February 2013 as a part of SPACE project at Keio Media Design (KMD) with the support of Wilson Learning Worldwide. SPACE project is one of the Real Projects at KMD and was initiated by Professor Yoko Ishikura and her students in 2012.

In Davos Experience in Tokyo, a group of passionate people from various different background participated discussion/debate. The topic this time was “What would YOU do to change Japan?”

Participants shared their personal action plans including arranging educational trips/meetings for younger generations with people from different generations.
Asami shared the initiative of Active Connector, which is trying to introduce more diversity in Japan to realize innovation. She shared her challenges, excitement of launching a new start up during the discussion.


Davos Tokyo photo

Professor Ishikura Blog on Davos Experience in Tokyo #7:

Davos Experience in Tokyo: