Diversity for Global Innovation

Hire international students outside "Shukatsu"

Job Seekers Inaccessible by Shukatsu

  • Unique Network


  • Quality Candidates

    55% University of Tokyo

  • Diverse Nationalities


  • Platform Appeals to Students Who Avoid Shukatsu

    Japanese job hunting, "Shukatsu," is the number one reason that 80% of international graduates leave Japan. Our platform is a much needed alternative, especially for Fall graduates and people who start job hunting late.

  • Top Schools and Scholarship Students

    University of Tokyo 55%, Waseda 6%, TIT 6%

  • Highly Professional Degrees

    Master's 51%, PhD 22%, Undergraduate 21%

  • Various Nationalities, Common Goal

    Europe 22% South East Asia 15%, China 14%, East Asia 11%, Africa 11%
    Many users want work experience and internships while being students, and aspire to make Japan more global.

Support for Hiring

  • Website designed by the perspectives of global students

  • Targeted marketing to match companies' individual selection criteria

  • A registration form will request contact information and basic corporate information. It is possible to request to keep the corporate profile private.
  • Information related to recruiting guidelines and job posting descriptions will be requested. The posting will be published in the student-only pages of the website and advertised to students, such as through the email newsletter.
  • We will locate and introduce the most talented people who match the needs of your company. We maintain strong communication with job seekers before and after matching, and provide timely feedback.

Global Management Training

  • We will visit your company and investigate the fundamental needs or challenges that exist.
  • Based on the analysis of the current needs specific to your company, we will propose the most effective training package. We will work with you to decide which method best matches your focus and vision.
  • After carrying out the training, we will provide an assessment of the training and a conduct a follow-up investigation of development after training.
  • Prepare new hires for the challenge of global communication within japanese business culture

  • Train middle management to be "global leaders" of diverse teams

Active Connector

We are your partner to achieve greater globalization

Asami Matsumoto - Founder and CEO

Japan is facing a serious challenge. Within the rankings of the World's 50 most innovative companies, only 5 are Japanese. Japan was once looked up to as a country that could have the world's top GDP, which defined the term "Look Japan." However, now the global subject is not "Look Japan," but rather to try not to become Japan with prolonged stagnation.

Japan has a lot of potential. From now on, we hope to connect the world with Japan through innovation that can expand global market share. There is an underutilized network of global talent studying in Japanese schools who can be cultural bridges and contribute global innovations in diverse teams.

We will continue to bridge japanese companies with diverse talent for positive globalization.

Corporate Profile

Company name

Active Connector

Founder and CEO

Asami Matsumoto


2-40-13 Hongo, Bunkyo, Tokyo, #901

Contact information

070 - 6979 - 8575
[email protected]


Job placement, consulting