October 17, 2013

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Oct. 16th, we held the first inspiring talk in our cozy office @ Hongo. We invited Adrian Roche, the founder & CEO of one of the most fast growing adversing agencies in Tokyo, to give an amazing lecture about Multi-media Marketing and Social Media Marketing based on his 22-year professional experiences in Japan and overseas.


Although it was an after-typhoon evening, all the participants came for the event as scheduled and we really appreciated for their enthusiastic participation! Before the talk, they kindly introduced their background and interest to make a better understanding of each other. And which impressed us most is, even almost all of the participants are from the Univ. of Tokyo, they are diverse from nationality, major and motivation to join us. However, there is one thing they shared in common, crazily interested in Entrepreneurship, and this made them quickly get well with others.


In the following inspiring talk, Adrian Roche introduced all four service fields of his company (Adrian Roche KK.) and its special result-oriented approach to realize better results for clients. Then, he introduced three cases in different industries carefully and summarized nine basic principles that need to know in running a successful social media marketing activity, which was truly interesting and useful as well. At last, he lead a case study for the event based on one real client case and ended the talk with a dynamic discussion with all the participants. In the Q&A session, we had about 10 challenging questions waiting for Adrian and learned and had a lot of fun from his smart answers.


The event was supposed to be finished in 90 mins but extend to 180 mins at the end, because all the participants chose to stay and kept talking with each other like old friends, which we are so happy to see as we are part of the help. We had so many laughters together and that was definitely a great experience both for them, and for us!

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Here are some feedbacks of the event, really nice having you all yesterday! Hope to see you again soon!

‘Thank you very much for this wonderful opportunity of sharing and learning from other people experiences by viewing different aspects and fields to widen our vision. ‘ Research Student from University of Tokyo, Bahrain,  TMI

‘It is great experience for me to first hear about the ideas from media marketing experts like Adrian san, and many appreciations for creating/organizing such events, Asami san , Chen san!’ University of Tokyo graduate, China, Engineering

‘ I hope we could soon establish a community on the topics we are all interested in, like entrepreneurship, career and so on. I am sure that the students here are ambitions not only on a job but also a way to achieve our value and full fill our dreams. ‘ University of Tokyo, China


Active Connector Team

Arian Roche KK : http://www.adrianroche.co.jp/en/

Adrian Roche KK is a Japanese advertising agency created by Adrian Roche, long-term industry veteran based in Tokyo, Japan.