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The company provides software development as well as data analysis. Amongst many software development companies, this company is very special in many senses: one is that they also do data analysis besides the development. Aother spcial point is that the team consists of people from diverse nationalities. 

Through thorough data analysis, the company tries to fully utilize the data asset tha the company already has and tries to utilie it as much as they can to identify the business objectives, methods of analysis, work contents etc... 

The company has been developing package software for  Japanese companies as well as American companies. The company fully understands the world-class development style as well as to keep maintiaining Japanese high quality. They soetimes collaborate with their global partner companies in India, Vietna and Myanmmar. 

Meguro-ku, Tōkyō-to, Japan

Job Description

■Job Description: 1. Planning of Software producs and related services & project implementation: Based on your experiences, skil set and your career interest, you will be assigned to the projects. You will be supporting the clients software development, system planning, development and implementation. 2. Smartphone application and internet services planning and development: You will be also in charge of in-house application and internet services planning, development and implementation   ■Requirements:  ・Problem solving ability, analytical skill set ・Communication ability within and outside the team ・Programming experiences and skill set ・No Japanese is required ・Have computer science background (Your major at your university or/and work experience. Internship will not be counted as work exprience in this case)   Prefer to have below: ・Object-oriented design ・Adjile development knowledge and experiences ・Experience of leading the team ・Knowledge as well as experiences of performance tuning ・Server maintenance knowledge and experience   ■Best fit for those: ・Who can take ownership for the project/works he or she is assigned to ・You can think on your own and actively take an initiative ・You will not limit your work (You are willing to take up various works) ・Can think from other people (clients’) perspecitve ・Curious for new technology and constantly try to learn the new information ・Have product ownership   ■Work environment: ・You will be either 1) Working in the company’s office or 2) Client’s offices ・If you are working in the company’s office, mos tof the time,  team members can leave on time which is 18:00. If you are working at clients’  office, the time varies from clients to clients ・You wil be able to work in very diverse and global team. Now the team members come from USA, India, Sri Lanka, Phillipines and soon from UK ・They use English as the main communication language ・If you are working at the company’s office, you can wear any kinds of clothes, including jeans   ■Conditions: Work hours: 9:00-18:00 Holiday: Weekend (Sunday and Saturday), End of year and new year holiday, Salary: If you do not have any prior work experience, your salary will start from 200,000 JPY per month. However with 2-3 years work experience,  it will be up to 350,000 JPY 3 months trial periods (but can be shorten depending on your skill set etc..) Trasnportation cost will be fully covered Various social insurances   *Please note that the position is only for those who are currently residing in Japan only+

How to Apply


If you are intersted in this position, please apply here wit the relevant CV/resume uploaded. Upon your submission of application, we will contact you for the follow-up questions to complete your application. 


First the company will be screening your resume.  If you have been selcted for the next round interview, we will disclose you the name of the company. 

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