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Japan has consistently ranked as the country with the highest labour shortage over the past 10yrs. In fact, 86% of all companies face difficulty in filling jobs - this is double the global average of 40%. Nowhere is this shortage of labour more evident than in the IT sector where an ageing population and a decreasing number of STEM graduates have exacerbated the job market.  

Our aim and goal for these events is to provide prospective students and foreign talents meet professionals currently working in their industry in Japan. We aim to provide a platform for those seeking insight on work life in Japan.

From seeking employment, to the hiring process, to work life in Japanese companies. We look to provide informative insights using real cases with professionals currently working in Japan.


As an ongoing project and service, we would like to continue improving on this event to provide the most informative experiences to benefit our audiences and thus are currently focusing on specific fields of study and work at a time.



Job Description

With the change in focus industries and growing need for IT professionals, specially for those with specificexpertise in areas such as Data Science/Machine Learning, A.I and Virtual Reality. Together with the decreasing number of Japanese STEM students(plus decreasing population) the demand for IT professionals will exacerbate.

Nonetheless, depite the loosening of the Japanese requirement, it does not follow an indiscriminate demand for IT professionals. There are other important factors on top of the Japanese requirement; such as experience in and/or knowledge of specific areas or expertise to be considered for a position in the IT industry in Japan.


For this event, we will be focusing on the IT industry and their professionals. As the IT industry is vast and broad, this will be the first of many events that will focus on specific departments in the IT industry; all uner our event series,”Career in Emerging Technologies”.

This series aims at providing a place for professionals and students to engage in constructive talks and creates a platform for students to learn the experiences of professionals who were in their shoes not too long ago.


Event information:


- Thursday July 13th



Active Connector Office




Reuben Li:

Data Engineer

After graduating from the National University of Singapore, he began his first job as a research engineer at a high performance computing research institute while continuing with a master’s program. He subsequently went into consultancy for a large global IT company, before moving to Japan in 2012 to pursue a Ph.D. at the University of Tokyo on the MEXT scholarship. During his postgraduate education, he worked on (sometimes roping in fellow graduate students) web/application development and machine learning projects for startups and small enterprises.

Upon graduation, he re-entered the corporate world, joining a retail group whose revenue puts it in the global top three for its area of business. He currently holds the position of Data Engineering Manager at the retail group, working with other talented engineers from different cultures and backgrounds. While he is an avid gamer, gaming opportunities are scarce as a father of two.

Eric Jelliffe:

Platform Engineer

Currently working in Tokyo as a Node.js developer. Masters in Computer Science from the New Jersey Institute of Technology. Worked in NYC as a full stack developer for four years, picking up Japanese study along the way, before moving to Japan in 2008.

While studying Japanese and teaching English, he continued working remotely as a

part-time developer for his previous company in NY before rejoining them full time in

2013. He began his current position as a platform engineer in June of 2017. In his free time, he enjoys cooking, gaming, and language study.


- Event starts from 19:00~21:00.-  Door opens: 18:30


Agenda: The 2-hour event will consist of the following:

1. Agenda of the event/introduction of Active Connector and the president

of the panel (19:00-19:05)

2. Introduction of the speaker(s). (19:05-19:10).

3. Dialogue with the Speaker(s), under AC’s lead (19:10-19:50): AC’s

member will lead the panel.

4. Q&A (speaker and audience) (19:50~20:20).

5. Networking/Mingle (20:20-20:50).

6. Closing/cleaning (20:50~21:00)


Dress Code: Casual.


Fee: Free


Venue: Active Connector’s HQ. 

How to Apply

Selection process:

As there are a limited number of places, applicants will be screened and those who meet the requirements will be put in a lottery system where we will select 25 attendees at random.


To apply:

1. Apply directly here

2. A Career Consultant will forward you a form to fill to be considered for a spot in the event.

3. Once completed, a Career Consultant will contact you on whether you were able to secure a spot.


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