Management Trainee at Asset Management/Real Estate business

JLPT 2 or above (Business)
Real Estate
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About to be disclosed upon your application

The company provides consulting on asset management mainly on real estate business. They also offer property management, leasing, real estate brokerage that can be accompanied to the assset management. The company provides total support including legal and financial advise by making partnershp with lawyers and accountants from its group company.


■Corporate culture:

Very open company that encourages people to share their opinions

Give good performance review so those who are looking for actively trying to grow through the work

There are 5-6 international people (foreign national) working

The company encourages people to be an etnrepreneur (working for several years in the company and later found your own company) and career changes (job changes) for your career development

You will be surrounded by peopel who are specialized in various financial industries 

Chiyoda-ku, Tōkyō-to, Japan

Job Description

Sinceit is management trainee position,you are expected to learn good pictures of asset management in general.  To start your career at the company, based on your career aspiration as well as your strenths, you will be assigned to one of the following sections. It is likely that you will be shifted to other divisions.


【Portfolio management strategy】

By making partnerships with specalists from various fields, you will be working on structuring new scheme to maximize the clients’ profits. You will also do general consulting in regarding asset management including legal and financial issues. As an example, there is a consulting need to improve cashflow by improving profitability of the business by suggesting better utilization of real estate asset as well as taxation schemes.


【Asset management】

For the clients who own properties (real estate), you will be suggesting the most profitable utilization of the properties such as rent, building management, facility management etc… For example, you will optimize the most appropriate tenant rent fee, operation rate of properties, coordinations between tenants. You will be working closely with lawyers and accountants when there are issues occured,


【Real estate brokerage】

Realize the best matched between the business/individuals and the property owners: help the client to lease offices, shops and apartments/houses. You will be also involved in selling and buying properties by providing consulting, advise and other necessary works involved.



Construction management, operations works including finance, HR, and marketing etc…


■What the company is looking for the candidate..:

As you need to communicate with top specialists from various fields, you need to enjoy learning new things.

Venture spirit: passion to grow constantly, develop new business

If you are majoring in architecture, or/and have some expereinces in real estate, that willl be a plus,though not required

If you can speak more than two languages, there will be more chances for you to be involved in global business at some point of your carfeers. Though not guaranteed.


■Japanese language requirement:

Japanese level to conduct the below:

Communicate with Japaense clients frequently

Use Japanese to communicate with other team members

All the e-mail communication as well as documentations are in Japanese

*Japanese level: close to native level



・Master or above: 320,000 JPY or above

・Bachellor:300,000 JPY or above

*You will have salary review every half year. In average, people’s salary will be increased 10% (maximum 21%)


■Other benefits:

health insurance

other social insurances


■Work hours:


45hours overtime is expected every month (up to 45 hours, no overtime payment, more than 45 hours overtime, you will get paid)


*Please note that the position is limited to people who are currently residing in Japan only*



How to Apply


If you meet the requirements of the candidate, please apply here with the 履歴書(Japanese) that coveres the matched job history and your experience. We will review your resume and contact you via e-mail.



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