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About Team Lab

Science・Technology × Art = Innovation

〜pushing the limit of TECHNOLOGY combined with ART, basically a SCIENCE laboratory for INNOVATION〜

This is one of the coolest companies born for breaking the rules of science, technology, design and art. It keeps chasing for innovative changes for over 11 yearsand supplying professional solutions by a creative team in their unique Disney-like office.


As a Japan-started but non-Japanese style company, it is involved in many big projects all over the world, like France, Norway, Korea, Shanghai, Taiwan, etc. Also, it has provided strong support for big international companies including: NINTENDO, NISSAN, REDBULL, Adidas, KDDI, Recruit, etc.

- Want to know its name?


Bunkyo, Tokyo, Japan

Job Description

FULL-TIME  job positions as CATALYST are opening for talented international students. Catalyst is responsible for managin the creative project / service as a “catalyst”  with the collaboration with other divsions such as engineers and designers team!


Those who can work and handle all responsibilies by him/herself and who wants to communicate with customer from all over the world, this is the wonderful full time job position to apply.


There are three further job positions under the catalyst role. Based on your speciality and interest, you will be assigned to one of the following:


Best match for those

    -who have created new service from the scratch

    -who have the experiences to organize team, manufacturing, some work of study or art using technology

    -who made web service or application by her/himself

    -who have commitment to complete things with good quality

    -who are people oriented


   Best match for those

    -who have physical strength

    -who like to work outside office

<direction, display>

   Best match for those

    -who like or have a lots of interest on planning and display of digital art


Business English, conversational Japanese, your own portfolio


How to Apply

If you have any portfolio, any projects you can present to Team Lab, please share the link to us.  

Please try to express yourself as much as you can and be unique! 


If you are passionate promising ‘Catalyst’  APPLY HERE ↓ 


*Please note that the positions are only for the people who are currently residing in Japan only. 

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